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Commercial Roofer Serving Portland Businesses Since 1968

Low Slope RoofsGresham Roofing and Construction understands the bottom line, which is why we work closely with commercial customers to provide energy-efficient roofing. Our high-quality commercial roof systems regulate heating and cooling costs, protect your business from water damage and keep your staff safe.

As a leading commercial roofer, Gresham Roofing and Construction has the roofing solutions your business needs, so instead of worrying about the roof over your head, you can focus on maintaining a productive, profitable business.

Versatile, High-Quality Commercial Roofing Materials

A commercial roof should be durable, low maintenance and affordable. To guarantee you have the best selection possible, we work with leading roofing system manufacturers to provide a wide variety of roofing material options including:

  • Single-ply membrane. With this roof system, we can adhere a single layer of synthetic material to your insulated roof. A single-ply membrane roof is easy to install and is very flexible, making it a great option for unique roof designs. It’s also lightweight, energy-efficient and durable.
  • Structural metal panel roofing sheets. Metal roofing panels offer dependable structural performance. They safeguard commercial facilities with additional water and weather protection, have low maintenance requirements and are long-lasting.

Customized Roofing Systems

Gresham Roofing and Construction has many personalized commercial roofing services. For example, we can reinforce a roofing system that needs additional support. We can also customize your roof surface style based on your particular needs. Whether you want a roofing system that increases sun protection, provides weather resistance or decreases fire risk, we have the right solutions for you and your business.

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