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Why Do Doors Expand and Swell?

Ever notice your doors appearing to “swell”? This occurs mainly on humid days, and homeowners should understand why it happens and how it can be avoided. In this post, one of the trusted door and roofing contractors in town shares the reasons behind door swelling and what you can do about it.

Doors Expand

Door Swelling

Excess moisture is wood’s natural enemy. Wooden doors that are always at risk of swelling because they absorb moisture present in the air. Changes in heat can lead to wood expansion and contraction. Too much moisture and the lack of a water-repellent finish can cause your doors to swell. Moisture can penetrate your wood doors, especially from the bottom edge, when they aren’t sealed appropriately.

Your local climate can also contribute to this dilemma. Doors located on the southern and western sides of the home receive more sunlight, affecting their finish and eventually causing damage.

Preventing and Addressing Door Swelling

  1. The best thing you can do is keep humidity levels inside your home down. As a tip, open your windows or turn on the exhaust simply. 
  2. If you’re wondering whether a swollen door can shrink, fortunately, you’ll only have to use the heat gun or hair dryer to dry out the moisture. Sanding wooden doors at first may be necessary. You can also use a rotating fan for painted doors. 
  3. Use a dehumidifier to prevent the door from taking in the dampness in your area and expanding out of its normal position. However, remember that this may only work to specific locations. For your basement doors, it can be difficult because it’s where humidity is naturally highest.

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