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What to Include in Your Commercial Roof Maintenance Plan

Your roof is one of your facility’s main protection against weather extremes and other harsh outdoor elements. An efficient roof can also ensure the building’s occupants stay comfortable. To keep your roofing system in good shape, you must invest in a good maintenance plan. 


A roof replacement expert shares what should go into a commercial roof maintenance plan. 

Regular Inspections

Routine roof inspections can help detect minor issues before they turn into costly repairs. They can also determine the overall condition of your roof. If possible, schedule your inspections before and after winter. 


Regular upkeep can also help in prolonging the life of your roof. Keep your gutters free from debris to ensure that water is safely directed away from your facility. Overflowing gutters can cause costly water damage to your exterior and roof. Trimming nearby trees would also help in reducing debris on the gutters and roof.  

Addressing Roof Repairs

Delaying repairs will do your roof no good. Recurrent repairs should be part of your preventative care program. This involves repairing attic insulation, addressing field membrane defects, and flashing issues. At Gresham Roofing and Construction, you can count on us for quality roof repair services. 

Set Aside a Budget for Maintenance

Set a realistic budget for your maintenance plan. You should have a maintenance program that will last throughout the year and still have sufficient funds for emergency repairs. Various elements of your plan can affect your plan’s budget, such as your contractor, the size of your facility, how often roofers visit, and the work performed on your roof.

For your safety, it’s best to leave roof maintenance tasks to professionals. Whether you need a roof replacement or an emergency roof service, you can rely on Gresham Roofing and Construction. Call us at (503) 492-7663 or complete our contact form to get a free estimate. 

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