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What to Do When You Need Emergency Roof Repair Services?

By staying on top of routine maintenance and addressing any issues via prompt roof repair, you can potentially extend the lifespan of your roof. However, even the most careful homeowner can still fall victim to unforeseen circumstances. Sudden hailstorms and unexpected high winds can catch you by surprise and wreak havoc on your roof.

Knowing how to handle roofing emergencies is part and parcel of normal homeowner duties. But in case you’re uncertain about what to do after a sudden serious roofing problem, our roofing experts at Gresham Roofing and Construction suggest the following steps to help you recover as soon as possible.

When Are Roofing Problems Considered an Emergency?

In a nutshell, roofing problems become an emergency when there’s a possibility of water penetration. An emergency roof service provider can help reduce potentially serious problems while you wait for more comprehensive repairs. At this point, the most important thing is to reduce the amount of water that could infiltrate your roofing system and cause damage to the vulnerable wooden structures inside.

What Happens in an Emergency?

The contractors will wait for the weather to improve before they begin emergency repairs. Once the work begins, they’ll conduct temporary repairs to minimize the damage to your home until permanent repairs can be completed.

What Can You Do When Your Roof Gets Damaged?

Don’t panic. In many cases, emergency roof problems can be addressed quickly without the need for a full roof replacement. Always keep an eye out for unscrupulous storm chasers who might peddle cheap roof repair services that are actually nothing more than a scam.

Let our roofing professionals at Gresham Roofing and Construction help you with all your emergency roofing problems. Give us a call at (503) 492-7663 or fill out our contact form to request a free quote today.


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