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What Makes a Good Window Replacement Contract?

Window companies typically offer two types of contractors for window replacement projects: a fixed price contract and a time and materials contract. Fixed price contracts provide complete information regarding the materials, permits, labor costs and more. They reflect all the details concerning the project, so you don’t have to worry about unexpected costs.

Window Replacement

Time and materials contracts, on the other hand, do not include any definite information about costs and timelines. The details of your project could change along the way, so you won’t have any protection against discrepancies or hidden charges.

A fixed price contract is typically more advantageous to the buyer. Below are some of the most important details that you should check when reviewing a window replacement contract.

List of Materials and Cost Breakdown

Similar to roof replacement contracts, your window replacement contract should have an itemized list of all the materials that will be used for your project. The prices of these materials should also be indicated.

Project Timeline

The timeline should indicate when project milestones are expected to be completed. It should also reflect the exact date when the project will be finished.

Work Schedule

Your window replacement contract should provide the days and number of hours that the team will work on your project. 

Payment Terms

Much like in roof repair jobs, contracts for window replacement should include your payment schedule as well as the amount needed for down payment.


All the warranties that come with your new windows should be stated in the contract. There should also be a document specifying the terms and conditions of the warranties.

Procedure for Changes

There should be a process for any changes initiated by you or your contract. This way, both parties know what to expect in terms of how certain situations will be handled.


If your contractor will be using the services of a subcontractor, the contractor’s lien should be included in the contract. This will protect you from being held responsible in case the contractor fails to pay their subcontractors.

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