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What Belongs in a Roofing File?

Your roofing system is a significant investment that requires care and attention. As such, it’s a good idea to maintain a detailed file for your roof, with records of all repairs, maintenance and inspections. In this post, Gresham Roofing, a top local  roofing company, discusses what to include in your roofing file. 

What Belongs In a Roofing File?

1. Basic Roof Information. Your file should note the roof’s dimensions, penetrations such as the chimneys and vents, equipment such as heating and cooling units and any other special details.

2. Roofing Materials. The type of insulation, membrane, flashing and other components of the roofing system should also be noted. This will be helpful if you need roof maintenance or repairs in the future.

3. Warranty Information. It’s good to have the physical copy on hand, but if possible, have a cloud backup as well so that you can reprint it if the original gets lost. The warranty shows who can work on your roof as well as the terms of your coverage.

4. Inspection Results. After a roofing inspection, the contractor will take note of areas that need repair and will verify that the job adheres to the warranty terms. Keep a detailed record of the findings of any inspections conducted on your roof.

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