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What Are the Common Features and Characteristics of a Deck?

Big home improvements, such as roof replacement and deck building, require a lot of preparation and research. The more you know about the space you are building, the better you can ensure it meets your needs. Moreover, a deck is a great feature to add to your home and you can use it in different ways. It can also potentially add more appeal and value to your property. 


Here are the common characteristics of this outdoor living space. 

What Is a Deck?

Usually made of wood or composite wood, a deck is a platform that adjoins a house. It can have an outdoor kitchen, a seating area, and a spot for dining. Most times, decks do not have roofs, but you can cover yours with a canopy or pergola. Also, a railing typically surrounds this outdoor space. With the help of experienced professionals, you can create a deck that’s appealing and functional. At Gresham Roofing and Construction, we offer superior construction and roof repair services. 

Types of Decks


A detached deck isn’t connected to the house. It can be built anywhere and at any distance from your home. 


This type of deck is adjacent to the house, usually found at the back. Since houses are usually either L-shaped or U-shaped, attached decks effortlessly fit the intersection of walls


If your property varies in elevation or has a steep slope, consider a multilevel deck. It features a series of interconnected decks, laid out on multiple levels.  


You’ll find this type of deck around a pond or swimming pool. It is usually made of wood because this material does not get as hot as concrete and other materials. This allows you to walk comfortably on them when you get out of the pool. 


A wraparound deck is built on all sides of the house and can be accessed in all rooms. It has a slight elevation and helps you create a seamless transition between your indoor and outdoor living spaces. 


Common in urban areas, rooftop decks can either be an opened or covered space. They have safety rails and can be built on top of a garage. 


Entryway decks are like front porches, but they are not covered with roofs. It comes in various shapes, can have planters and seating, and other outdoor furnishings.

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