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Useful Tips to Spruce Up Your Deck This Summer

Your home’s deck is the best place for cooking, relaxing, or entertaining your family and friends outdoors. But if you want to have an even more relaxing and enjoyable experience this summer, why not get a few upgrades? As a trusted deck and roofing contractor, here are a few tips for you to consider:

Clean refurbish Your Outdoor Furniture at Ave Troutdale, OR

Clean/Refurbish Your Outdoor Furniture

When you want to liven up your deck and outdoor landscape this summer, you can start by checking out all your existing outdoor furniture. Determine what needs to be cleaned, refurbished, or tossed. Depending on the type of outdoor furniture, they can still look brand new after a little cleaning. But others may also look too deteriorated or even damaged beyond repair, so expect to pay for replacing some of your outdoor furniture if you have the budget.

Consider an Outdoor Bar

If you love to host family gatherings and parties out on your deck, then consider installing an outdoor bar. You can keep it simple and choose a simple cart or shelving unit that can serve refreshments to your guests around the deck. But if you want a more permanent bar station that can also benefit your outdoor grilling and cooking needs, we recommend working with a professional deck installer and roofer on a design that best suits your needs and preferences! 

Install More Lighting 

Lighting won’t just make your deck look more appealing and presentable to your family and friends, it’s also a safety feature that helps you navigate better at night. You can add mini lights on the bottom posts of your deck or into the stair’s steps for better visibility when your party extends into the night. And you want better savings, you can even install solar-powered lights for your deck.

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