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Tips on Choosing the Right Fence for Your Home

Homeowners have many reasons for installing fences. Some install fences to keep their kids or the family dog safe in the backyard. Others do it to keep bears or other animals away. And some install fences simply to block a not-so-pleasant view.

Whatever your reason is, local roof repair and fence installation contractor Gresham Roofing and Construction has some tips on choosing the right fence for your home.

Mind the Rules

Fences are subject to zoning codes in your area. The maximum height and location in relation to property lines are determined by these codes. Homeowners’ association rules may also apply, particularly regarding factors that pertain to the fence’s location in the front yard.

Let Your Next Door Neighbor Know

Property lines can a touchy subject between neighbors, which is why you should let your next door neighbors know about your plans to install a fence. Make sure you agree on the fence design, how it will affect landscaping and whether they’d be amenable to partially paying for the installation cost. Also, while fence installation isn’t as noisy as roof replacement, let them know there may be some disruption.

Consider Your Fencing Goals

A good fence takes some planning. Most importantly, you need to decide what you want to achieve with your fence. These are the main reasons people install fences:

Privacy — The objective is to block sightlines, so opaque materials such as pickets, wide vertical boards or panels are ideal. Privacy fences should be at least six feet tall.

Security — Tall fences generally help deter anyone from simply hopping over, while pickets and spikes at the top deter climbers.

Decoration — If the fence is meant to establish property lines, aesthetic elements can be prioritized.

Safety — A chain link fence creates a perimeter that is strong enough to deter wildlife (if your backyard is surrounded by woods) and prevent kids and pets from slipping out.

Choose Your Material

Your fencing material should suit your purpose. Wood is a good all-around fence material and can be built to accommodate requirements such as tighter spacing for privacy or pointed tops for security. You should also consider maintenance requirements. Vinyl or composite generally need less maintenance compared to wood. Aluminum and wrought iron are ideal for decorative fences.

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