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The Best Window Styles for Kitchens

You can have a better cooking and dining experience by getting the perfect windows for your kitchen. However, since there is an array of styles to choose from, making the right decision can be challenging. 

Window Styles

Here are some of the best window styles that can help make your kitchen a more comfortable and safer space. 

Garden Window

Perfect for plant lovers, this window extends past the façade of your home and gives you additional room for your favorite plants and other knick-knacks. It also makes it easier for you to grow herbs in your kitchen because a garden window has glass on every side, allowing an ample amount of sunlight to enter the room. 

Sliding Window

If your kitchen sink is over-countertop, sliding windows are perfect for your home. These windows open on a sliding track, making them easy to operate. Moreover, they allow you to control air circulation in the kitchen, which is especially important when you are cooking. You can either open it slightly or all the way.

Casement Window

This window style opens in an outward motion. It helps prevent the kitchen from overheating as it improves airflow. It also provides better lighting, which allows you to save on energy bills.

Double-Hung Window

This style can be opened from the top or the bottom and allows you to open the window as little or as much as you want. Additionally, double-hung windows are child-friendly because they have safety latches on each side to prevent the window from being opened further than three or five inches. 

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