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Single vs. Double Hung Windows: A Quick Comparison

One of the most enduring and popular window styles available today are sash windows. These are recognizable by their movable panels, which you can operate by sliding vertically. If you plan on having a few of these windows installed in your home, you should know that they come in two types:

 Double Hung Windows
  • Single hung, which comes with one fixed sash and one movable sash.
  • Double hung, which has two movable sashes.

Both options offer distinct benefits that make them a worthy investment. But if you need help deciding between the two, check out this quick comparison:


Design-wise, single and double hung windows pretty much resemble each other. However, since single hung windows have few movable parts, they tend to be more cost-effective than double hung. Of course, you’ll still need to take a few factors into account. For example, a single hung window that uses premium framing material and advanced glass will cost more than a double hung window that doesn’t.


Both single and double hung windows can improve your home’s access to natural ventilation, but the latter has the edge in this category. That’s because the top and bottom sashes of a double hung window are both operable. You can leave the sashes open at the same time to let fresh, cooling breezes into your home via the bottom sash, and expel warm, stale indoor air via the top sash.


Single and double hung windows are both fully customizable, being available in a wide array of framing materials, glass choices, hardware finishes, color combinations and grille patterns. Whether or not a single or double hung window looks better than the other will depend on how you customize them.

Energy Efficiency

How well a single or double hung window delivers energy-saving performance is influenced by the framing material and glass it uses. But a single hung window may be slightly more efficient because it has fewer moving parts. This allows the window to keep a stronger seal that prevents air leakage and possible energy loss.

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