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Siding Profiles: Which One Is Ideal for Your Home?

Your siding says a lot about your home and even your personality. Aside from being available in a wide range of colors, you can also get it in various patterns or patterns. You have more options besides the conventional horizontal siding, found in many homes. 

Siding Profiles

Choose the ideal one for your home with the help of a trusted siding and roofing contractor

Horizontal Siding Profiles

Horizontal siding profiles are the most popular choice for residential properties. They are known for their excellent ability to shed rainwater. It is available in various patterns, such as dutch lap, traditional lap, and beaded. 

Traditional Lap Siding

The most common, traditional lap siding feature boards layered on top of each other. These layers form an efficient water barrier. Besides appeal, another reason it’s so popular is due to its cost-effectiveness. 

Dutch Lap Siding

Dutch lap siding resembles traditional lap, but it has a groove cut on top of every board. This feature results in each panel creating a shadow effect on the grooved panel under it. You can give your home more character with this profile option. 


Typical vinyl siding style, beaded siding is similar to lap siding, but it has a more textured surface. It has a “bead” at the bottom of each board, giving it a more grained look than conventional lap siding. Beaded siding is a great option for breaking your home’s composition. At Gresham Roofing and Construction, we can help you decide if this siding profile is ideal for your exterior. Contact us today for a free siding or roof estimate

Vertical Siding Profiles 

Vertical siding is not as usual in residential applications, but they work well with some home styles. You can also use them to add some accent to your exterior.

Board and Batten

With board and batten siding, installers place vertical boards with battens to cover the cracks. This method creates a surface that withstands and sheds water effectively. The shadow that the raised batten forms give the surface of the siding a unique texture. 

Panel Siding

Vertical panel siding is like traditional lap siding but has a vertical orientation. This type of siding looks quite flat since panels are positioned on top of each other with their surfaces flush. 

Shake Siding Profiles

Shake siding profiles are available in various patterns, which you can use as accents across your home’s exterior. Before wood shakes are your only option but today, it comes in different materials resembling the appearance of natural wood. You can get it in patterns like square, staggered, mitered corner, round, octagonal, hexagonal, fish scale, and half cove.

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