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Siding 101: How Storms Can Damage Different Siding Types

Siding generally takes some amount of normal wear and tear over the years. But you need to be wary of storms, which can cause enough damage to your siding that they accelerate its deterioration. You should also note that storm damage to your siding may vary according to its material. Gresham Roofing and Construction, the premier roof repair company, explains more here.

 Different Siding Types

Storm Damage to Different Siding Types

Different siding materials can be damaged by a major weather event in different ways. Large hailstones and wind-blown debris, for instance, can cause chipping or holes on vinyl siding. This usually occurs at the bottom of a siding panel ridge, where the material has no inward flexibility to withstand direct impact. If you have aluminum siding, you can expect dents where hailstones and wind-blown debris have crashed against it.

A rainstorm, meanwhile, can leave your wood siding cracked and warped due to expansion. When the wood siding is untreated, its exposure to water can encourage mold and rot in the material. This, in turn, leaves your home more vulnerable to weather damage, while also compromising its thermal comfort and efficiency. And when your siding has already sustained irreparable storm damage? The smarter and more permanent solution is a siding replacement by a reliable siding and roof replacement company like Gresham Roofing and Construction.

Superior Weather Resistance from James Hardie® Siding

Gresham Roofing and Construction offers high-quality fiber cement siding from the leading brand, James Hardie®. Aside from its wide array of colors, profiles, and designs, James Hardie® siding can effectively resist inclement weather regardless of location. It makes this possible through the HardieZone® system, which ensures a homeowner can get the right siding for their region and its weather patterns. 

HZ5® products, for example, are designed to resist wet, freezing conditions, while HZ10® products are ideal in regions where blistering heat and humidity are predominant. Fiber cement itself is extremely durable–allowing it to resist high wind speeds, heavy rainfall, and hail impact damage. Plus, it is impervious to rot, moisture, and fire.

Aside from emergency roof repair, Gresham Roofing and Construction can also handle your siding replacement needs. With our top-tier options from James Hardie®, keeping your home damage-free from storms is worry-free. Call us today at (503) 205-9477 or fill out this contact form to schedule your consultation.

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