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Reasons Why Everyone Loves Outdoor Decks

Many homeowners count outdoor decks as one of their dream renovations. Home buyers often choose homes with outdoor decks, even if they cost a bit more. In today’s post, local roof repair and deck installation contractor Gresham Roofing and Construction shares the reasons why everybody wants a deck in their yard.

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Outdoor Entertainment

An outdoor deck is a perfect space for having a few friends and family over for an informal dinner or a backyard barbecue. The CDC discourages gatherings in poorly ventilated and closely-spaced areas, which makes outdoor decks ideal for small family gatherings: it’s outdoors and it has enough space to accommodate guests with proper distancing.

Extended Living Space

Your outdoor deck is an extension of your living space. You can choose to make it your hidden nook when you need to relax and enjoy some fresh air. It can provide a change of environment when working from your home office feels too much of the same thing. The right furniture can completely change its purpose: a dinner set lets you and your family enjoy dinner under the stars, while an outdoor couch lets you enjoy a nice and comfortable view. It can even be a temporary day area if you happen to have an ongoing roof replacement.

Low Maintenance Requirements

When made with the right materials, an outdoor deck has relatively low maintenance requirements compared to the rest of the house. A composite deck, for instance, has similar requirements as vinyl siding and can be cleaned with water from a garden hose and a small amount of scrubbing. Traditional wooden decks may require a bit more work.

As with most types of wooden installations intended for the outdoors, wooden decks need to have a fresh coat of waterproofing every once in a while. This helps prevent damage caused by moisture and to keep your deck looking good all year round.

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