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Key Elements of a Great Outdoor Living Space

Your outdoor living space deserves the care and attention you give your home interiors. If you are considering giving your outdoor living space a makeover, read on as local roofing contractor Gresham Roofing and Construction shares the elements that make a great outdoor living space.

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Front Entrance and Yard

Making your front entrance and yard more appealing is a good place to start. A lot of advice regarding improving the front part of your home has to do with boosting curb appeal, the benefits of which are more aligned with improving the home’s value and how it appears to other people. However, consider how your front entrance benefits you. After all, it’s the first thing you see every time you arrive home. It’s important to design a front entrance and yard that appeals to you, from the choice of material to be used on the walkways to the types of plants that will be planted in your yard.

Outdoor Deck

Most homes have some kind of outdoor deck, which may be an upper deck accessible through stairs, a ground-level deck accessible via a patio door, or a multi-level deck with multiple access points. An outdoor deck can be your personal space for relaxation or can be a gathering area for family and guests. In either case, it shouldn’t be easy to access. A gathering space should have enough furniture, as well as access to a grill, or should be placed near the kitchen. If you are planning a roof deck, your roofer can make recommendations on what kind of material to use.


Your backyard is where outdoor living really begins. It should let you enjoy what the outdoors has to offer: open skies, a refreshing breeze, and a comfortable spot to sit or lie in. Most importantly, you and your family should enjoy the outdoors with privacy, away from anyone casually viewing your yard. A fence is ideal for maintaining privacy between you and your neighbors. Shrubbery or similar types of plantings also work as a privacy barrier between properties and from the curb, and can also work as a sound barrier.

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