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How to Tell If a Roof Warranty Is Good?

A new roof is a big investment that you need to protect. One of the best ways to do that is to ensure you have a strong warranty. 

Roof Warranty

Roofing warranties can protect you from additional expenses that may be incurred in case of product defects or faulty installation. That is why when you are hiring a roofing contractor, you should pay attention to the warranties they offer along with the roofing products and their services.

In today’s post, Gresham Roofing and Construction discusses some of the most elements that you should check in a roofing warranty.


Material warranties cover the roofing materials themselves. However, for the warranty to be valid, the roof must have been installed correctly by a qualified professional. If your roof was not installed by an approved roofer, the warranty will lose its validity. 


Depending on the grade of the shingles and the type of maintenance they receive, asphalt shingles can actually last for 20 years or longer. Shingles made with higher-quality materials are usually backed by a lifetime warranty. However, in roofing terms, “lifetime” does not necessarily mean forever. Check the terms and definitions in your contract so that you’ll have a good understanding of what your roof warranty includes. If something isn’t clear to you, don’t hesitate to ask your roofer about it.


Since the underlayment plays a critical role in your roofing system, you can have it covered by a warranty too. For example, if you have fiberglass underlayment, you can get up to a 50-year warranty for it.


Much like other contracts and agreements, warranties have expiration too. Review the documents sent to you and verify with the manufacturer and your roofing contractor. 

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