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How to Properly Stain or Paint Your Deck

Whether you’re planning to install a new deck or renovate your current one, you might be considering painting or staining it. Both have their benefits, but what you choose will depend on several factors such as your home’s overall architecture and how you plan on using it over the years. 

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However, to ensure a proper application, make sure you hire a professional deck and roof repair specialist to do it for you. Whether you decide to have your deck painted or stained, a professional contractor will listen to your preferences and give a reasonable quote.

Painting Your Deck

If you decide to have your deck painted, your hired contractor will start preparing it by checking for rotten boards and rusted nails that need replacing. They may also strip the wood of any existing finishes. Afterward, your contractor will spray a layer of mold deterrent then wash it off to dry. Once it’s completely clean, they’ll apply a paintable, water-repellent preservative before priming. Priming is important as it helps improve adhesion and increase your deck’s protection from moisture. It also adds up to two years of extra life to the paint job.

By this time, you should already discuss with your deck and roof replacement contractor what color you want for the paint job. You’ll choose between using oil-based paint or latex paint. Oil-based paints last longer and have better protection, but they tend to be shiny and won’t withstand high heat over time. Meanwhile, latex paint is better suited in high-temperature regions and is available in non-glossy finishes.

Staining Your Deck

If you think that it’s better to stain your deck, then a professional will do a thorough inspection and discuss the best options that will preserve the wood and its natural beauty. For instance, you can choose a clear sealer to preserve the natural color of the wood. This type of stain is perfect for redwood and cedar decks as it provides UV protection to keep them from turning gray over time.

Another option is semi-transparent stains. These offer a bit of color but won’t overshadow the wood’s natural grain and characteristics. Just like clear wood sealers, they also provide good UV and weather protection. Solid stains also offer the same benefits but are more similar to paint. This is because it will create a more uniform and darker look that covers most of the wood’s natural elements.

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