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How to Prepare Your Home for Roof Installation

So you’ve already chosen your roofing contractor, signed on the dotted line and chosen an installation date for your roof replacement. The hard parts are done, so congratulations are in order. Now all you need to do is prepare your home for the installation project. Gresham Roofing and Construction shares an overview of how to do this in today’s post.

Home Preparations for Roof Installation in Gresham, OR
Home Preparations for Roof Installation

Prepare Your Yard

Most of the roofing work will be done outdoors, which means your yard needs as much preparation as the rest of the house. You can start prepping as soon as you’ve confirmed an installation date. The period between signing and installation can be as long as three weeks, which should let you pace your preparations over several days.

You’ll need to clear as much space in your yard as you can. The bigger the roof area, the more yard space will be needed to store roofing materials. You’ll need to clear the driveway and yard of anything that can be removed and stored. This includes solar-powered yard lights, free-standing gazebos and yard play sets. Doing this early on can give you time to make sure your landscaping is protected as well.

Prepare Your Home

Roof repair and replacement is dusty, noisy work that creates a lot of waste material. This is why it’s generally not a good idea to stay at home—let alone leave everything indoors unprotected—for the duration of the roof installation project. Items in the attic will have to be removed and stored elsewhere until the roof installation is completed. Furniture and valuables in the living area will also need to be protected from dust.

Prepare Your Kids and Pets

Installation noises and the presence of strangers can be upsetting for children and pets. If possible, it would be a good idea to make arrangements that will allow your children to stay elsewhere without disrupting their school schedules. Pets can be temporarily rehomed with friends, neighbors or even at a pet kennel.

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