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How Much Siding Do You Need?

Installing new siding? One of the key parts of planning your project is taking accurate measurements so you know how much siding you need. Today, your siding experts at Gresham Roofing and Construction share some pointers.


Layout. While some siding panels can be butted together, clapboards, lap siding and other shaped boards require a more detailed structure since there is an overlap on these profiles. For example, the overlap should be a minimum of 1 ¼” to reduce the exposure for the panel. If you measure based on 6 ¼” wide planks, you will run short of product because 5” are exposed due to the 1 ¼” overlap.

Installation. Fiber cement is a heavy product. You will need at least two people to carry each strip. While it is exceptionally durable, it is relatively fragile before installation, so the strips must be supported in the middle to prevent cracking. Cutting is done using an electric saw, and the worker must wear a respirator to minimize exposure to fine silica.

Working with professionals. Rather than opting for a DIY project to save on installation fees, it would be more efficient to hire a siding installation contractor to do the job for you. After all, it requires precision and training to determine how much siding is needed for your home. 

Ensure that your hired personnel know that each siding edge that is cut should have primer painted on it to seal it. Stainless steel nails should be used to prevent rusting. Joints and trim should be caulked. Caulk should be an exterior-grade brand that remains flexible and can be painted.

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