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Deck or Patio: Which Is Best for You?

You’re set to build an outdoor space in your home. Now you’re choosing between building a deck or a patio. Which one is suitable for your home? In this post, trusted roofer and deck expert Gresham Roofing Construction will walk you through the differences between a deck and a patio. 

Deck or Patio


A deck is a simple open outdoor porch or platform without a roof. It normally extends from your home. 

Pros of a Deck

  1. It gives your home a high resale value. There’s a huge return of investment for a wooden deck because it’s valued higher than other indoor home renovations.
  2. It works well on uneven terrain. You don’t have to worry if your yard is not leveled. Decks can be built on any type of land.
  3. It offers a fantastic view. A view from a deck, high off the ground, will give you a better view. 
  4. You can customize a deck easily. You can mix and match with paint on a wooden deck. You can even match it to the exterior design of your home. For deck renovations, look for a local deck and roof estimate professional for advice.
  5. A deck is best for you if you live in an area with lots of sunshine. 

Cons of a Deck

  1. Decks require annual regular maintenance. It needs to be power washed, stained, and sealed every few years.
  2. Wooden decks have shorter lifespans. They are more susceptible to weather and may easily rot and fade if not properly maintained.
  3. Some places require a permit before building a deck. It has a fee and a waiting period.
  4. The prices depend on the material but generally, decks are costly to build and maintain.


A patio is a paved area directly on the ground. It usually has no roof, and it can be attached or detached from your home.

Pros of a Patio

  1. Building and maintaining a patio is inexpensive. They are also easy to keep and maintain. 
  2. Patios can be closed for privacy. It’s lower to the ground and has more flexible landscaping. It’s best to talk to a deck and roofing contractor if you want your patio to be customized.
  3. The patio has a longer lifespan. It can even last for more than 25 years and keep its value.
  4. You don’t have to worry about permits. Installing one doesn’t require a building permit or inspections.

Cons of a Patio

  1. Patios are not for uneven ground. Pouring the ground even to install a patio will cost you extra. Its surface is also risky when it rains or snows.  
  2. The patio is exposed to harsh weather. It can be easily stained with mud, mildew, and water stains. 
  3. Patios require more attention in construction. This makes it longer to install and costly. 

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