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Choosing the Right Window Size

Debating what size windows to install in your home? Larger windows aren’t necessarily better than smaller ones. As a general rule, the size of your windows should be proportionate to that of the room where they will be installed. 

Right Window Size

In this post, window experts at Gresham Roofing and Construction share tips on how to determine the correct window size for your space.

Standard Window Sizes

Windows are made in standard sizes to make selection easier for homeowners. These standard-sized windows are designed to fit into most openings so that planning and installation can be faster and more convenient. Windows in standard sizes generally cost less than custom windows. But if they don’t match the dimensions of your openings at home, it’s best to have your windows customized.


The correct placement of your windows contributes to an energy-efficient home. For instance, when it comes to retaining heat in the winter, larger windows in areas that receive a lot of sunlight will help keep your home warmer. To help you find the best orientation for your windows and maximize their energy efficiency, consult with your contractor.

Thermal Mass

The ability of a material to absorb heat is referred to as thermal mass. Windows with big, clear glass surfaces are best for homes with higher thermal mass, such as those that are made of bricks and concrete. Meanwhile, homes with lower thermal mass — which are typically built with lightweight materials like wood — should have smaller windows.

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