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Can You Mix Different Materials for Your New Deck?

There are home upgrades where mixing (or matching) different materials together create disastrous results. One example is gutter replacement, where galvanic corrosion may occur when two different metals are used together. Most home improvement projects, however, generally benefit from a little mixing-and-matching. But is new deck installation actually one of them? 

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Short Answer: YES

You can mix different materials together for your new deck. Why this is beneficial has something to do with the distinct features offered by each deck material. The two most popular options are composite and pressure-treated wood. Composite has built-in resistance against ultraviolet (UV) light and is impervious to damage caused by mold, rot or insects. Their durability allows for a longer service life and easier maintenance. 

Pressure-treated wood, meanwhile, is naturally beautiful, providing the deck with a warm and timeless look. It’s also strong and eco-friendly, giving the deck a life expectancy of about 40 years when installed and maintained properly by a trusted deck builder like Gresham Roofing and Construction. Pressure-treated wood and composite make a fine deck on their own, but together, they create something truly exceptional.

Why Mix Different Decking Materials Together?

Using both pressure-treated wood and composite for your deck allows you to utilize one material’s strengths to cover the other’s weaknesses. Here are a few examples:

  1. Pressure-treated wood is more cost-effective than composite. By using wood for joists and uprights supports – that is, components that are typically hidden from view – and picking composite for the exposed sections, such as the floors and railings, you can easily reduce the costs of your deck installation.
  1. Mixing different materials also allows for easier deck maintenance. Wood is prone to moisture damage, but limiting it to protected, out-of-the-way areas will reduce the need for sealing and staining. Composite is best used on the more exposed areas of the deck, like the floors and railings. That’s because it has better resistance against weather exposure, allowing for a deck that doesn’t wear or tear easily.

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