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4 Steps to Prepare Your Home for Siding Replacement

Depending on the scope of the project, a typical siding installation project can be finished within a few days. To ensure its timely and efficient completion, you must do everything you can to get your home ready before the installers arrive. Here are four steps to keep in mind!

Siding Replacement

1. Trim back plants. Trim or tie back any trees, shrubs or other vegetation growing close to your house, especially if it is brushing up against the façade. The installers will be able to complete the job more quickly because nothing is standing in their way. Also, prepare your yard by trimming the grass short. This enables the worker to search your grass once the job is done for errant nails or staples.

2. Clear the lawn, deck and patio. For a smooth-sailing siding installation, the pros need a considerable amount of space to move around. Clear your backyard patio or deck of any furniture, potted plants, gardening equipment or other objects.

3. Take down hanging interior décor. As the professionals take down the old siding and put up the new one, the walls inside may shake, which could cause some of your valuable decorations to fall off. Before the installation date, make sure to take down any artwork or picture frames hanging on the wall. You might also want to move things away from the wall, like furniture and appliances.

4. Prepare the driveway. You want the van or truck carrying the siding construction crew to be able to pull up to the driveway. Clear this part of your property so that the team has room to set up everything, including the installation materials. Plan on the professionals bringing a dumpster to your house as well if they are in charge of getting rid of the old siding.

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