Roofing and Construction Services in Clackamas, OR

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Need a new roof on your home or business in Clackamas, OR? Whether your roof needs maintenance or it needs to be entirely replaced, Gresham Roofing and Construction is here to offer our exceptional service throughout all of Clackamas, OR! Find out more about our Clackamas, OR services here: 

Roofing and Construction in Clackamas, OR

Residential Roofing in Clackamas, OR


Roof Maintenance & Repair in Clackamas, OR

An incorrectly or poorly installed roofing system can result in years of leaks sprouting up, tiles falling off, and constantly having to repair the recurring damage. Rest assured knowing that Gresham Roofing and Construction is dedicated to providing Clackamas, OR residence with professional service and truly durable results.

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Whether you need to fix a minor leak or need your Clackamas, OR roof resurfaced, you can trust our team at Gresham Roofing and Construction to have your best interests as our top priority. We want you to feel secure beneath your roof knowing it’s properly maintained and appropriately repaired when it needs to be.

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General Construction in Clackamas, OR

Have you noticed your patio cover deteriorating? Do you have too many tools in your garage and need a shed to store said items? We provide Clackamas, OR residents a plethora of construction services. No project is too simple or complex for our team, as we have more than four and a half decades of construction experience.

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Commercial Roofing in Clackamas, OR

At Gresham Roofing and Construction, we pride ourselves in our ability to help Clackamas, OR consumers regulate heating and cooling costs by providing energy efficient roofing. We can ensure your commercial roof is properly weather-proofed so it can protect your Clackamas, OR business from potential water damage in the event of rain.

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